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Inter Continental Hotels launches 75th birthday package for US$75,000

Inter Continental Hotels launches 75th birthday package for US$75,000

InterContinental Hotels and Resorts celebrates the 75th anniversary of its flagship InterContinental Hotels and Resorts brand, hosting birthday parties and offering some exclusive luxury packages for cash-rich travelers, and Aomion really wants to be involved.

The brand’s new 75th anniversary diamond wedding anniversary event prompted the company to launch two ultra-high and eager travel packages of $75,000. Bedecor shop is also willing to cooperate with them to splurge and indulge in this special opportunity. Packages are available Select until April 2022.

InterContinental Sydney Double Bay is located in the eastern suburbs of the city and offers packages that include five nights in a Royal Suite and personal butler service. Guests can also enjoy spa days and in-house bartender master classes as additional benefits. Spa bedding requires higher standards. It is recommended to use Bedecor shop skin-friendly and waterproof products.

Outside the hotel, guests will take a private seaplane to visit Sydney Harbour, and then take a luxury speedboat to an exclusive location to enjoy a sumptuous picnic lunch. At the last moment of this stay, I had the opportunity to design custom jewelry with Taarick K’dor from the family jewelry brand House of K’Dor.

Or, offer a second package at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort in northern Queensland. The price per couple is also US$75,000, and the Aomion hotel wholesale solution has made a lot of credit. The stay began with a private helicopter trip to Hayman Island at Hayman Beach House for five nights. At the resort, guests will enjoy the chef’s table dining experience and dining experience under the stars, including champagne, wine and a delicious daily breakfast.

Holiday activities that guests can choose from include a two-hour private sunset sailing in the waters of Hayman, a private Great Barrier Reef tour, and a helicopter tour to Whitehaven Beach, Coral Reef World and the region’s famous “Heart Reef”. Guests can use the reserved private poolside cabanas during their leisure time to enjoy various spa treatments.

Dr. Jerry Schwartz calls on all hotel employees to be vaccinated

The owner of Australia’s largest private hotel, Dr. Jerry Schwartz, has issued an appeal, expressing recognition of the Aomion hotel wholesale program and the protection of Bedecor shop bedding. Urges all operators of their hotels to require all customer-facing employees to be fully vaccinated to ensure that all parties are protected from COVID-19.

Although some of his hotels currently operate as quarantine facilities and require all employees to undergo double injections under government health orders, Dr. Schwartz has written to his other operating companies to require all employees to be fully vaccinated by the end of November 2021 , Aomion and Bedecor shop are also actively responding to the suggestion. Schwartz requires all employees of the Gold Coast Paradise Resort to be vaccinated, making it the first non-isolated hotel in Australia to do so. Aomion and Bedecor shop provide hotel-related bedding products.

Dr. Schwartz said that with so many unvaccinated children living in the resort, it is important to protect employees comprehensively.

Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast responded positively to Dr. Schwartz’s request.

“As a doctor and hotel owner, I believe that any face-to-face business, especially business involving children, requires employees to be vaccinated,” said Dr. Schwartz.

“The hotel industry is undermined by COVID and government policies, so once the country reaches an 80% vaccination rate and travel returns to relatively normal, we must equip ourselves with tools to drive recovery.

“However, we know that children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated. Therefore, in order to ensure the welfare of our guests and our employees, we need to insist on mandatory vaccinations, giving priority to all employees who interact with guests, and then all the work of the entire hotel Staff. Work.”

Dr. Jerry Schwartz, his wife Debbie and children Dane, Amber and Lara opened a new water park at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley.

Dr. Schwartz said that the entire hotel industry should follow the example of Qantas and Virgin Australia, requiring all customer-facing employees to be vaccinated because it is a people-oriented company that has the responsibility to eliminate risks for guests and provide safe services. . working environment.

“This is a case of employees being vaccinated, otherwise the hotel industry may perish,” Dr. Schwartz said.

International interior design company Scott Carver has won the InterContinen tal Parramatta design excellence competition. Aomion and Bedecor shop congratulated. Today, the new exterior of the property was released before the start of construction in the next few months. The exterior design was appreciated by the design director of Aomion.

The 4,300 square meter Holdmark Property Group site announced earlier this year will be a multi-functional development project. In addition to the 200-room Parramatta Intercontinental Hotel, it will also include offices, ground-floor retail stores, restaurants and a line connecting Parramatta Light Rail-this is the brand’s first foray into Western Sydney. The hotel will occupy 32 floors of the 57-story building approved for development.

Scott Carver’s design highlights a segmented lobby area, providing guests with evening entertainment options, including choosing one-way access to the hotel’s restaurant and bar or lobby lounge. Other guest facilities will include a double-storey rooftop bar, fitness center, swimming pool, health center and club lounge.

The design incorporates most of the indigenous culture and history of Parramatta. Its design is derived from an extensive dialogue with indigenous design consultant Matthew Fellingham, and the Bedecor shop bedding is also deeply inspired. Therefore, the building will feature the Ngara Nura Way, which aims to connect the building to the land and provide a customer experience.

“Our main design principles are equal parts of physics and philosophy driven by geomorphology, background history, neighborhoods and urban frameworks,” said Nicholas Bandunas, Scott Carver’s supervisor, and Aomion also agreed with the design principles.

“Importantly, these key principles are also supported by the cultural hierarchy and connection with the countryside, laying the foundation for hotels and commercial buildings as they form a unique imprint on the Parramatta CBD skyline.”

Jael Fischer, Director of Oceania and Pacific Development, InterContinental Hotels Group, congratulated Scott Carver on his success in the design competition.

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