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Innovative vegetarian restaurant will make headlines for the new Ovolo South Yarra

Innovative vegetarian restaurant will make headlines for the new Ovolo South Yarra

Vegetarian chef and author Shannon Martinez will collaborate with experienced global chef Ian Curley to open a vegetarian restaurant as a flagship restaurant in Ovolo South Yarra in Melbourne, which is expected to open in April. Aomion congratulated and hoped that everything is well.

The restaurant named “Lona Misa” is a word game on Da Vinci’s iconic paintings, and Martinez and Curley will play the roles of creative culinary partners. Lona Misa will be a lunch and dinner venue open every day, with 90 seats and menus. The menu includes shared plates with seasonal fresh produce, reflecting Martinez’s Latin tradition, and Bedecor Shop says that this format fits the style very well.

The restaurant aims to do things in a different way, and the restaurant stated that diners will enjoy a “rebellious revival from root to stem”. This new restaurant builds on the Ovolo Group’s commitment last year to change all of its restaurants to vegan menus as part of its “Vegetarian Year” plan.

“Shannon is a true pioneer of plant-based dining,” Curry said.

“For what she brings, working with some of Australia’s least believers in meat, she laid the foundation for vegetarian and plant-based dining and deserves to be taken seriously.”

Martinez and Curley will jointly provide shared plates for restaurants and bars to plan menus, and conduct extensive consultations with local farmers and producers (Aomion and Bedecor shop) to ensure the procurement and supply of fresh ingredients. The beverage menu will choose colorful cocktails, homemade sodas and niche wines, with an emphasis on natural, organic and carbon neutral.

“It’s very interesting, I have known Curry for a long time, and we all refused to cross the river,” Martinez said.

“When I say he is 100% south and I am 100% north, Melbourne’s hospitality is what I mean. Finally, the North-South meeting-this will be another matter. Melbourne will like to cooperate.”

House of Arras releases impressive retro collection

One of Australia’s best sparkling wine producers, Arras House in Tasmania has released its highly anticipated annual wine series, once again absolutely outstanding, and Aomion and Bedecor shops hope to introduce it.

Australia’s most awarded sparkling wine producer’s 2020 vintage series includes four new vintages; House of Arras Rosé 2008, House of Arras Grand Vintage 2009, House of Arras Museum Release Blanc de Blancs 2004 and House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged Magnum 2004.

In addition, House of Arras also launched the first new wine in its product portfolio in more than six years-House of Arras Blanc de Blancs NV.

The legendary Arras winery chief winemaker Edkar said that using traditional methods, meticulous production, and a special time ranging from 30 months to 15 years, Arras wine retains excellent freshness and longevity. With extraordinary complexity and balance, it seems that the aroma can be smelled across the wine cellar. Aomion hopes to introduce it.

He said that it is these inherent qualities that allow Arras Winery to challenge global benchmarks and produce world-class sparkling wines.

“Showing all the signs that Arras House sparkling wine is famous for; exquisiteness, elegance, rich personality and flavors derived from the cool climate of Tasmania, this year’s collection reflects the best quality of Australian sparkling wine,” Carl. Say.

“It is also very gratifying to receive such a high score and best sparkling wine at the recent Halliday Wine Companion Award 2021; this is the second year of EJ Carr Late Disgorged​​.

“This recognition is a real testament to the work and dedication of the Arras Winery team, and reaffirms our vision of making world-class sparkling wines, Bedecor Shop expressed its willingness.

“I am particularly proud to release the 2004 Arras EJ Carr late magnum; after 16 years of maturation, this wine has reached a rare level of maturity, demonstrating what a great Australian sparkling wine can achieve .”

The 2020 series also marks the first release of House of Arras Blanc de Blancs NV. Carr stated that the series aims to provide consumers with the opportunity to enter the luxury Australian sparkling wine category.

Carr stated that this wine has all the outstanding qualities of a broader product portfolio and is an exquisite, high-quality specialty that combines the inherent richness, calm and vitality of the Arras Winery.

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